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Mine Designed Around the Ecosystem: Zero Disruption

Sigma designed the design of Phase 1 production to preserve the seasonal Piaui creek. The mine plan was designed to have a North Pit and South Pit instead of a Super Pit as is the standard practice. The Piaui river is constantly used by the local community in their daily life. Due to careful and collaborative planning, we have preserved the biome of the riverbed, did not disrupt the water table, and did not have to relocate any of the local population.

Environmentally Sustainable Processing Plant

Sigma’s commercial plant uses Dense Media Separation (DMS) proprietary technology and control algorithms, instead of flotation. As a result of this innovation, the mine tailings do not contain hazardous chemicals. Furthermore, a circuit was introduced that recirculates 90% of the water used (10% evaporates) in the ore processing; and a thickening circuit and belt filter that enables the dry stacking process.

Dry Stacked Tailings

As tailings can make up a majority of the ore mined, Sigma dry stacks its tailings avoiding environmentally risky wet tailings dams.

100% Green Power

Sigma uses 100% hydropower as Grota do Cirilo property is located 50km away from the Irapé Hydroelectric Power Plant.

100% Water Recycling

Sigma recycles 90% of the water it utilizes with the remaining 10% lost to evaporation, drawing only minimally from the nearby Jequitinhonha river.

Net Zero Compliant

Targeting Net Zero Carbon Emission by 2023. Pioneering in the lithium sector with carbon in setting projects.


Driving the Economy

Over 500 direct jobs and R$888m in royalties in the next 15 years.

Social Partnerships

In partnership with the towns of Itinga and Araçuaí, in 2020 Sigma led the Covid‐19 prevention effort, distributing 12,000 liters of liquid bleach to 16 hospitals and clinics.

Contributing Education

Sigma has partnered with the Brazilian government-sponsored institution SENAI to provide training in the local municipalities and develop a local workforce.


Following Strict Canadian Standards

Sigma is a Canadian company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and complies with strict Canadian Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Supporting Diversity

Co-chaired by a woman, with 50% of management ranks females and minorities.